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But if you’re ugly it’s a no text zone it’s a no sex zone it’s a no flex zone

Nicki Minaj speaking the truth on twitter about racism (7/23/14)





Courtesy of our creator, Garrett Sander

Bottom right hand corner is Deuce and Gil two pack.
Top question mark bubble looks like Holly O’hair but I doubt it.
the one but her face is a lagoona either swim class or fusion.

The top ones next to the WRMH 5 pack are the sweet screams line and ghouls alive wave 2.

Goddamn, bless you all.

pretty sure bottom left question mark (just by ghoulia’s ponytail) is basic/Sweet 1600 Cupid

it looks like it but i highly doubt it because Cupid doesnt even go to MH anymore, and she&#8217;s been out of production for over two years. I&#8217;m pretty sure it&#8217;s just Freaky Fusion Lagoonafire.

miwadake replied to your post: I’M BACK I KNOW YOUVE BEEN WAITING FOR…

UMM Howleen is the clear star, how dare you

i dare because while “her mom made her dress nice for the reunion” makes the idea of the outfit cuter, it doesn’t make the outfit itself cuter

she still has anchorwoman hair 


  • GARROT/ROCHELLE TWO PACK BE STILL MY HEART. That Rochelle is perfect, bien sur; the mint colored hair and GIANT fascinator are so cute and a welcome change from her usual (fab) pink. I’m honestly SHOCKED though, at how GOOD Garrot looks? Not that the male dolls so far have been bad or anything but you can tell there was a real effort to make him look as on model as possible. The Mossy dark green around his eyes is so nice and that outfit is pitch perfect. Love the scarf and the leather jacket, and it’s nice to see they got another use out of Deuces’ DotD rose mold.
  • GHOUL CHAT. I’m loving the mint on Rochelle; I hope they start phasing it to be her main hair color. The phone accessories are to DIE. Not jazzed about the K-Mart thing (also scary-murphy idk where your KMart is but the one on Sunset off of Pecos has been good about their exclusives)
  • SWIM. I’m not at all happy about the Justice thing again, but whatever, at least there are no boys to worry about. Jinafire is the first buy from that group, but I’m a little sad she doesn’t get a new bag mold. I hope her sunglasses are less opaque in practice.
  • WOLF 4-PACK. How cute is that Clawdia? With her smoky dark eye makeup and natural lips? She’s the star of this pack tbh. Clawdeen is still too formal imo, the tulle overskirt ruins the tone of her outfir imo. Dig Clawds’ new hand mold and that poor Howleen, she’ll need the most help.

being gay


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nyx macaron lipsticks in pistachio, blue velvet, lavender, and violet