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if anyone wants to get me the episode of the wonder pets where they save the bengal tiger so i can get the songs and make gifs that would be great thanks


I only care about cute boys and cute dogs tbh




please do not let ferguson die out like everything else big does. do not let this die out. do not let this continue on for three days and then everyone forget about it. do not let this happen.

queue this post up 3 days from now, a week from now, a month from now, a month from then. make sure even if you forget your blog will remember.

the fact i’m seeing reblogs slow down despite the fact there is still news breaking is concerning

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and i realize, as soon as i reblogged that boys fashion post

our latest clawd is wearing a polo and khaki shorts

doll prophet recognize


Deuce: Punk crossed with Biker, referencing how Cleos’ family views him (as a delinquent troublemaker beneath them) Snakeskin textured leather and fabrics, black and silver neutrals with pops of yellow green, red and yellow (quintessential snake colors) shades are a must. lacing to pull from the punk, and also to mimic the look of scales. Rot Topic

Clawd: All-American Jock. Polos, cargo shorts, flip flops and slip-ons. canvas belts and big athletic watches. Camel brown and off white neutrals. Main colors being teal, yellow, and gold, perhaps a pastel pink to reference his relationship with Draculaura and bring out the preppy some more. Most likely to wear a straw fedora (even though we all hate them itd be cute for Clawd)

Gil: Rich kid. Most buttoned up and formal, referencing his rather staunch upbringing and stifling parents. Button up shirts and long pants (maybe referencing a seifuku?) NEVER jeans or t-shirts, unless it’s pertinent to the storyline. Main neutrals are white, grey and black, with pops of purple or seafoam green. Most detailing and interest comes in construction (pleats, folds etc) or patterning (seigaiha maybe? bringing in the obvious Japanese references from the dance class doll)

Heath: BRO CLOTHES. Graphic t-shirts and tank tops, board and cargo shorts. Main neutrals being black and white (because they tend to make other colors look brighter,) while main colors are yellow, pink, orange and green, all neon highlighter style. Colors meant to emphasize the flame elemental, as well as reference how he tends to be an irritating, buzzing annoyance to those around him. Flip flops and slip ons. Sweat bands, wristbands.

Holt: K-pop meets Hip-Hop. Least likely to get hung up on Western ideals of masculinity and femininity, so clothes tend to be the most experimental. Crop tops, mid-thigh shorts, harem pants, kilts, rips, leggings, lots of jewelry and accessories (glasses, gloves, masks, bandanas etc) Main neutrals are black and grey, while main colors are red, yellow and orange, whith some pops of bright yellow green (primaries and green call back to Frankie) Boots and chunky sneakers

Jackson: Nerd chic. A lot of “nerd” mainstays have crossed over into Hipster territory, so Nerd/Hipster most likely. Glasses and Bowties as the main accessories. Neutrals of grey and black, while main colors are blue, yellow and green. Graphic but ‘safe’ patterns, like plaids, checkers, and stripes. Cardigans and vests absolutely. Mismatched quality references an unsureness in himself, his and Holts’ unique situation, and Frankies’ stitched together quality. Colored chinos and slip on and boat shoes

Slo Mo: Gamer chic. Graphic Ts and ripped skinny jeans. Zombie mainstays like blood-splatter print, but 8-bit and pixellated. Neutrals are black and grey, while main colors are deep purple and dark red. In-universe game references (Fangry Birds, Maul of Duty, etc)  Wristbands and bracelets, video game fandom buttons and wallet chains. Slip ons and flip flops.

Manny: BRO CLOTHES PT. 2 but less showy. Main colors being red (referencing the bull in-joke) with browns and greys as a neutral (referencing the stone labyrinth.) Maze and Greek letter graphics (both for the mythology and to reference fraternities. Manny is pretty much a frat boy after all.) Shackle accessories (because the Minotaur was imprisoned in the labyrinth.) as well as Grecian key patterns and laurels (shorthand for Greek mythology) Snapbacks with holes for horns because it’s HILARIOUS. This all lends itself well to that blue-collar thing he has in canon.

Billy: Difficult, because his characters’ mainstay is “blending in.” Only blues, blacks and greys (with occasional whites,) referencing that stealth and being unseen is a huge part of his character and personality. Never use reds or yellows, except as VERY small accents or for one-offs (like party lines.) Subtle prints and graphics, both as a reference to the invisible man and that his gf Scarah trades in subtle prints. Camo (because it’s obvious for a character that can literally make himself invisible) and sheers; sheer yokes, pockets, detailing, jackets etc

Neighthan: Neighthan favors wild and complicated prints, so loud is the order of the day. At least one large statement piece in a wild pattern at a time (keeps his outfits from looking too busy.) Bright, solid color accessories (like his hat and shoes) tie them to the pattern without competing for them. Leather, spikes and buckles to reference horses/unicorns

reblogging this so i can find it again also made additions to billy and manny and added Neighthan


Ring   ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more kohl jewelry)
toopoorforred asked: Line called Scareer Day where different ghouls do presentations on what they wanna do when they get older. Nefera is invited to be a guest speaker and talks about being a model and her doll comes with photographs of her. It accompanies a webisode where Nefera has a breakdown when no one visits her booth and she realizes she's failed miserably in her career and Cleo consoles her @,.,@

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